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“Fire”: Justice Launches Video Clip with Susan Sarandon


Justice has just released the video of its latest single, ‘Fire’, a clip starring Susan Sarandon. The new French video winks at one of the most iconic cinema characters, Thelma from the 1991 multi-award winning film Thelma and Louise.
The French duo decided to make the clip of ‘Fire’ adding to the own Sarandon, who embarks on a walk in the desert in convertible along with Xavier and Gaspard. With a strong eighty inspiration, Sarandon appears wearing blue jeans and white T-shirt and wobbling in slow motion, to the beat of the music of the electronic duo.
The director of the video, Pascal Teixera, described the experience in a press release published by Warner Music: “On a warm summer afternoon, Gaspard and I were in Xavier’s kitchen, imagining together that we were washing a car. We thought how that car should be in detail, its style, design, year, and brand. We imagined where the action would take place, how much soap there would be to wash that car, what mood the characters would have and even how the sun would look that afternoon. We thought who would be the woman to go for a walk, a character that should mix freshness, attractiveness and power. Susan Sarandon, who else? A couple of months later we were in the desert, with the car and a lot of soap, and by some strange miracle she was there too, even more incredible than we had thought in our imagination, and ready to take a walk”.
‘Woman’, the new album by Justice, went on sale last November 18, the third studio work of the French duo and the first in five years since its previous LP ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ (2011). Posted by Ed Banger Records and Because Music, ‘Woman’ contains a total of 10 songs, of which four singles have been promoted: ‘Safe and Sound’, ‘Randy’, ‘Alakazam!’ And finally ‘Fire’, Which accompanied the release of the new album.

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