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Florida Label, Big Dreams Started in a Small Community.


Getting to know the man behind “Dacatindahat Productions” starts with classic hits from artists such as  Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder among other greats. Being amongst the greats, has always been only a dream, coming from where the Productions’ company owner is from. To understand Dacatindahat, you have to understand the mindset of one from a small farm community. From humble beginnings to having artists under your label, isn’t an easy transition. One has to be mentally ready to take on the challenge. Farm communities, hold such an importance in our society, to have such limited business opportunities. Bringing more opportunities to the tight knit community, will be both a challenge and rewarding for the label. Helping others reach their goals is fulfilling in itself. Modernizing the way the community is the first step in helping local musicians.

Dacatindahat Productions overall goal is to reshape how the market sees Rhythm and Blues. Right now, the market because of its over commercialization, has Steered  away from real heartfelt ballads. Knowing what the industry is missing, Dacatindahat has always strived to develop a platform to help boost small town artists’ career, like the likes of Sean Combs and Damon Dash did.

Every line, in every single rap, now a days is glorifying the superficial side of music. There is a huge disconnect for the people who are looking for good quality R & B music. The grass root approach Dacatindahat Productions is taking, will keep this side of music fed stories. Without the push of Blu Royal aka Conni McCarter, Dacatindahat would still only be looking forward to only recording a single and being on the radio.

Only being active for 9 months, the excitement of building this grass root to an empire, pours out into the music. You feel every melodic lyric. Keeping the music “true” and remembering why they are musicians, will always keep Dacatindahat Productions pumping out timeless records. Releasing their compilation EP showcases their new R and B artists Shasza, Sherell, and Jaxxon. This is a huge milestone of many showing the world where they can now come to for great music. Keep an ear out for the labels’ Hip Hop artists Nasir and Leeya Nicole also. On the events side, the label is preparing for their first episode of the “Blu Royal Nights.” This will be an Open Mic platform allowing artists to showcase their talents. Continue to follow the multifaceted label to stay in the know of the creatives on the label.

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