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Laflotte Gleen Stephanie, the winner of THE POPULAR VOTES

Stephanie Gleen

Miss and Mister Artibonite was the new name for the new modeling campaign commissioned by the entire Miss Williams Prods team. We have to remember that the participants were very motivated to see who would have won the trophy.

Followed by several castings, in several cities, the first phase of the contest was over while the grand finale of Miss and Mister Artibonite was from August 26 to September 2, 2017, finally, Laflotte Gleen Stephanie was one of the ones that was crowned a winner of that competition, Miss and Mister Artibonite. This was the main goal of the young Stephanie.

Who is Finally Laflotte Gleen?

According to an interview Laflotte Gleen gave to whybe magazine team, she is 20 years old. She was born on June 28, 1997, and she is an optimistic, kind, respectful, and as well a leadership mindset. She likes everything when it comes to style fashion aesthetic and she is the youngest of a family of five members. Her passions are dancing, listening to music, cooking and modeling.

What does that mean for Stephanie, “The winner of THE POPULAR VOTES”?

According to the interview that she gave to Whybe Magazine Team, she always paints herself in a positive way, no matter what the world says in order to achieve what she proposes herself, this could be the best opportunity for her to make success in this industry. She stated:

I will not say I do not have weakness but I focus on the strength because I want to be the greatest every day.

She has a lot of opportunities waiting for her. When the camera is on her, she’s always in her comfort zone, her poses are always powerful she does it so effortlessly.

Whybe Magazine team wishes success to the young Stephanie while that we are working on a partnership to help Stephanie reach her goals in this industry.

Congratulations Laflotte Gleen Stephanie!


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