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“Pew Pew Pew” Lady Releases New Dance Craze “Who Mad Slide”!!


Auntie Hammy Instagram

Auntie Hammy intends to bring a new wave to the stand up comedy scene. With interlocking music, comedy and dance she is taking the industry by storm. Such a multidimensional creative, but what do you really  know about Auntie Hammy? Most of the online world was introduced to Auntie in 2017, when she started going live every night and dancing to different instrumentals. All while, making up funny jingles. Until one day one of her videos was shared and it went viral. The name of that hit song is, “Issa 22 Pew Pew Pew.”  Instantly Auntie became a household name as the “Pew Pew Pew” lady.


Being involved in music is not new to Auntie. She initially started music at the age of 12 in Melbourne, FL. She has always had strong women as inspiration like, Oprah, Jada Pinkett and Lawanda Page to name a few. There is no wonder Auntie Hammy is so resilient and different when creating. This is why the never duplicated Auntie Hammy went from dancing  in her bathroom, to being the first black female comedian out of Florida to chart #7 on billboard. She did this with her comedy album after only 16 months. Hitting the over saturated social media world with the shock factor of being able to actually work out and laugh, will keep Auntie Hammy in the game for awhile.

Auntie is not just a rapper who makes comedy music. Her fans named her genre of music “Turn Up Comedy.” She brings freshness by not sticking to the traditional stand up comedy show. In Auntie’s words “I don’t do stand up I do Turn up.” Auntie has toured in cities such as Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, and Vegas with more to come.

When you thought Auntie Hammy couldn’t get any more multifaceted, she wants to, “make history as the first comedic personal trainer with large energetic gym classes.” She created Ham Shop Fam, which consist of about 1700 members. Her short term goal is to take her member only comedy shows to a soaring 10,000 members, that support each other’s endeavors. When she is not engulfed in her music, she spends time with her husband. Currently they are opening a CBD Dispensary lounge “The Drip” in Las Vegas. This will make Auntie the first black woman to pen a CBD Comedy Lounge in the United States. While at the lounge patrons can enjoy hemp infused herbal tea, coffee and natural beverages. When you are in town, make sure you come and turn up to never duplicated Auntie Hammy energetic comedy shows in person. Stay in connection with her online Auntie Hammy Instagram.

Who Mad Slide



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